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We are Kalsnava Distillery, the bulk organic grain neutral alcohol manufacturer. Our ethanol alcohol production plant was founded in 1937. Within more than 80 years of our history, we have developed from the small regional ethanol supplier into the EU certified modern organic alcohol company. The plant was globally renovated in a period of 2007 – 2014.
Starting from 2010, in just 10 years, in Baltic countries we became a reliable supplier of food-grade neutral alcohol. Our customers are strong drinks bottling companies, bulk organic alcohol distributors, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical companies. Now we expand our sales in Western European countries.

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Our products

Organic grain neutral alcohol 96.3% (OGNA)

This product also called bulk organic neutral alcohol, organic grain alcohol, organic ethyl alcohol, organic neutral grain spirit, organic neutral alcohol, organic ethanol, or just organic neutral spirit.

It distilled from organic rye or wheat, supplied by organic certified and many times examined biological farms across Baltics.

This is crystal-clear highest-proof organic alcohol, the pure organic ethanol of 96.3% degree with a characteristic taste and odor of pure organic grain alcohol for premium-segment organic vodka, organic gin, and other organic alcoholic drinks bottling.